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Drug Delivery

How it Works

CTT has invented an ideal intra oral, fast-dissolving drug delivery system. This novel intraoral drug delivery system, is CTT Pharma’s proprietary patented technology and is a thin, flexible, and quick-dissolving film. The film is placed on the top or the floor of the tongue. It is retained at the site of application and rapidly releases the active agent for local and/or systemic absorption. CTT Pharmaceuticals – oral film technology drug delivery system can be provided in various packaging configurations, ranging from unit-dose pouches to multiple-dose blister packages.

CTT Pharma’s drug delivery system technology can include Nicotine , Vitamins, Pharmaceuticals and many other Actives. CTT Pharma is not making any cannabis products.

These Wafers (advanced oral thin wafers) are designed to dissolve in saliva within seconds with zero after-taste and zero need for water. The technology has been developed by Dr. Pankaj Modi, M.D., Ph.D (CEO), who has developed multiple drug delivery systems in the past from conception through to commercialization.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Improved efficacy and onset of action (dissolves within seconds and effects felt within 10 minutes.
  • Speed and onset of medicine is key, especially in pain management.
  • Improves therapeutic outcomes.
  • Extremely flexible: CTT Pharma’s technology is applicable to multiple approved drugs currently on the market and flexible dosaging.
  • Convenient and discreet (administered without water, anywhere, anytime) thereby increasing patient compliance.
  • Suitable for geriatric and pediatric patients who experience difficulty swallowing or patients who suffer from Phage phobia (fear of swallowing) or Pnigophobia (fear of choking).
  • Beneficial in cases such as motion sickness, episodes of allergic attack or coughing where a rapid response is required.
  • Established, low-cost manufacturing process and formulation is non-expensive and simple to scale up.
  • Low cost, easy packaging and storing