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Dr. Pankaj Modi


Dr. Pankaj Modi, is an entrepreneurial clinician and research scientist and has been involved in novel delivery systems for the past few decades. His patented inventions range from spray formulae for the treatment of diabetes which he licensed to Eli Lilly, the topical delivery of botulinum toxins and other molecules that he licensed to Johnson and Johnson.  

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Ryan Khouri


Ryan Khouri started as an investor in CTT Pharma. Mr Khouri believes that CTT’s patented technology can penetrate many industries, with the biggest need being in the Nicotine/tobacco industry. Approximately 480,000 Americans pass annually or 1,300 people daily, making Nicotine a pandemic in its own right. With this information Ryan has identified a need for our patented dissolvable strips in this marketplace and realizes that existing oral nicotine products don’t offer quick delivery. Furthermore, Mr Khouri has stated that we have a responsibility to give consumers quicker delivery options by using our dissolvable strips as we don’t want nicotine to stay in the mouth for an extended period of time and want a better delivery route. This belief in a better delivery system has landed conversations with several of the largest tobacco and non-tobacco companies in the world. He has identified Nicotine, Pharmaceuticals, and Vitamins as just a few of the industries that could immediately benefit from our technology.

Previously, Dr. Modi gained 11 years of clinical experience conducting numerous large-scale clinical studies for FDA approvals in areas including diabetes, thrombolysis, management of various skin diseases and aesthetic cosmetic dermatology. He holds more than 25 US and Canadian patents and more than 280-plus world patents on stabilized compositions, photosensitizer compounds, a topical anesthetic formulation, pharmaceutical compositions, devices and methods and drug and vaccine delivery systems. Dr. Modi has obtained FDA approval for 13 drugs successfully over the past five years and currently has seven applications in process. Among the seven pending FDA approvals are five novel wound healing formulations and devices and two generic drugs to treat diabetes.

Dr. Modi is an adjunct professor of Internal Medicine at OVC, University of Guelph, Canada; Instituto de Endocrinologia Metabolismo y Reproduction, SA, Ecuador; Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA); Sociedad Argentina de Medicina Interna General, Cruz Roja Boliviana; Associação Médica Brasileira; Centro Universitario de Ciencias de la Salud, Mexico; and Facultad de Salud Pública y Nutrición, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Universidad Nacional de Asunción, UNA, Spain.

Dr. Pankaj Modi received his M.D. in internal medicine (diabetology) from the Instituto de Endocrinologia Metabolismo y Reproduction, SA/University of Florida and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in neuroscience at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. He earned a Ph.D. in chemistry, biochemistry and biomedical sciences from the University of Toronto, a M.S. in chemical engineering (polymer science) from New York University (formerly Brooklyn Polytechnic) and a B.Sc. in chemistry, biology and physics from the University of Bombay in India.

A Fellow with the Royal College of Medicine, UK, Dr. Modi is a member of the American Diabetes Association, American Endocrinology Society, American Pain Society, American Dermatological Association, Associação Médica Brasileira and Sociedad Argentina de Medicina Interna General. He received faculty teaching awards three years in a row and was awarded Best Researcher by Movement Disorders and Psychiatry, McMaster University, Canada.