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Toronto, Ontario / TNW-ACCESSWIRE / October 29, 2014 / The Board of Directors of Mindesta, Inc (OTCBB: MDST) is pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Abboud to the Advisory Board of CTT Pharmaceuticals, effective immediately.

“As part of CTT’s overall business strategy, we required a subject matter expert within the medicinal marijuana industry. Steve brings a wealth of knowledge in all facets of medicinal marijuana, therefore his perspective on our goals as well as his wealth of International contacts, will be highly valued. “stated Dean Hanisch, President -CTT Pharmaceuticals

Steve has over 12 years of relevant Medicinal Marijuana experience and is an expert grower who currently consults for various MMPR (Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations) companies and applicants. A Horticulturist with experience growing a variety of plants, Steve has an excellent understanding of the cannabis plant’s composition.

As a provider he has worked at the patient level and understands the therapeutic values of the plant. These two attributes have made Steve instrumental in acting as a liaison between caregivers (patient) and growers. In addition to Cannabis, Steve has been involved in the cultivation and extraction within Nutraceuticals, with medicinal plants such as St. John’s Wort, Ginseng, Thornberry and White Lupine.

“His knowledge of extraction within Nutraceuticals will be useful in developing our oral film as Steve understands the plants composition and limitations. In order to fulfill our ultimate goal of improving delivery, lowering dependency, and creating better adherence and safety for opioids, we require a variety of specific cross industry skill sets. To this end, as we continue to build our team, Steve’s expertise completes another piece of the puzzle.” said Dr. Pankaj Modi, CEO- CTT Pharmaceuticals.