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CTT Pharma Announces CEO and New Corporate Strategy

By March 23, 2022March 26th, 2022No Comments

Tampa, Florida, United States – TheNewswire – March 14, 2022 – CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc. (OTC:CTTH) is pleased to announce the appointment of Ryan Khouri as its new CEO. Mr Khouri has years of experience bringing complicated transactions to their successful conclusion. In addition, he has trained numerous sales professionals on how to develop strategies that best optimize sales returns and drive bottom-line improvements.

Mr Khouri’s engagement with the Company started as an investor who viewed CTT’s unique drug delivery system as the future industry standard. Mr Khouri stated, “CTT’s dissolvable strips are the next evolution in delivery, taking us away from the inefficiencies of pills and gummies. Our patented strips make THC, CBD, Psychedelics, Nicotine and other medicinal actives more convenient and precise by directly entering the bloodstream sublingually, bypassing the lungs and digestive tract, including the liver. Our strips are dosage controlled, have a rapid onset, a high absorption rate, offer zero calorie/sugar, and match various requested flavour profiles. In combination with our diverse patent catalogue, the technology’s versatility allows us to approach customers from different industries, offering innovative products across multiple product lines. We have the IP we need to execute on commercialization.”

Dr Modi has stepped down as President and as a board member to assist sales teams with technical know-how and formulation. Dr Modi states, “we have developed an extensive portfolio of IP around our drug delivery technology which includes six (6) US and Canadian patents as well as worldwide PCT patents that cover an additional fifty-two (52) countries. These patents cover formulations, processes, and technologies for fast dissolving, high bio-available strips with a rapid onset of action. These patents are suitable for any pharmaceutical products, including Nicotine, Cannabinoids, Psychedelics, and a host of other API compounds. Now is the time to focus on commercializing our patents through partnerships and sales, as these will be the key factors that enhance shareholder value”.

CTT Pharmaceuticals will be a sales-centered company that will focus on commercializing our IP and removing barriers to sales, such as large milestone payments that limit the size and scale of potential partners. CTT will keep its shareholders updated as it executes on new partnerships and further evolves its patent portfolio.

CTT is a drug delivery technology company. It has successfully received Health Canada approval, after which it brought its first product to market as cannabinoid-infused ‘Dissolve Strips’. This successful launch sold out in several weeks to only 85,000 medical patients online with no advertising.

CTT’s common shares trade on the OTC market in the United States under the symbol “CTTH”.

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