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Press Release

CTT Pharma Settles Lawsuit with Aurora

By September 27, 2022No Comments

Tampa, Florida, United States – TheNewswire – September 27, 2022 – CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc. (OTC:CTTH) announces today that CTT has settled its lawsuit with Aurora. As part of the settlement Aurora gave back 7.45% of CTT’s stock and an undisclosed cash settlement. Furthermore, Aurora’s warrant to increase ownership in CTT is no longer valid.


Ryan Khouri, CEO of CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc. stated that as a result of this settlement CTT Pharma has received over 3.7 million shares back from Aurora bringing CTT’s outstanding share count to approximately 46 million shares. The cash settlement will allow CTT to become debt free, invoice free and give us the ability to continue to strengthen our patents. CTT spent $350,000 on worldwide patents to over 55 countries including but not limited to the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and South Africa. These patents and future patents will give CTT the ability to partner with companies that have a global reach. CTT also received Health Canada Approval for our strips for Medical Patients in Canada.  CTT Pharma’s patented technology allows Nicotine, Pharmaceuticals, CBD, and many other actives to enter the bloodstream through dissolvable strips within seconds, bypassing the lungs and digestive tract including the liver, giving consumers many advantages to traditional deliverables.


CTT Pharma’s CEO will release a letter to shareholders on October 5, 2022 which will be issued by press release, through our website, and on LinkedIn.

Ryan Khouri 813-606-0060