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Press Release

CTT Pharma Signs Agreement for New Oral Products

By November 22, 2022December 1st, 2022No Comments

Tampa, Florida, United States – The Newswire – November 22, 2022 – CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc (OTC:CTTH) has signed a definitive agreement using our technology to make 3 oral products that will include chewing gum, gummies, and pills as prototypes. CTT has also verbally committed to doing additional oral products upon the successful completion of the first 3 products.


CTT will notify shareholders once product development starts and will keep shareholders updated on the progression of these products, which will include testing for stability and efficacy. Ryan Khouri, CEO of CTT Pharma stated, While our dissolvable strips will be the fastest way to deliver APIs, having the ability to create other fast oral products could create more opportunities for CTT.

CTT Pharma – 813-606-0060