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Press Release

CTT Pharma Will Utilize Patented Technology for Additional Oral Products

By November 14, 2022December 1st, 2022No Comments

Tampa, Florida, United States – The Newswire – November 14, 2022 – CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc. (OTC:CTTH) can and will utilize our patents for more deliverables including but not limited to gummies and chewing gum. CTT believes we can help companies with their existing products, by incorporating our fast delivery system. CTT Pharma will start engaging companies with existing products immediately and look to partner with them for product research and development.


Ryan Khouri, CEO of CTT Pharma stated, CTT’s ability to use our technology in other deliverables will allow us to expand our reach beyond companies looking to manufacture our dissolvable strips. Thus giving CTT the ability to communicate with more companies and work with them to make their current and future products quicker, which would give them an advantage over their competitors. Expanding our patented technology into additional products can also help CTT create partnerships, generate revenue, and unlock shareholder value.


CTT will keep shareholders updated on further developments.

Ryan Khouri – 813-606-0060